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Unitimes 精选 | 以太坊全力备战君士坦丁堡硬分叉;研究发现比特币手续费与时区相关

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  2019 年 2 月12 日,以太币交易总额为1,537,469 ETH ,比前日下降 19.95%;日活跃用户量 116,664,比前日下降 0.54%;新增合约 14,174 个,比前日上升  43.01%;平均交易费用为 13.01 GWEI,比前日下降 6.59%;最活跃合约为 SUM TOKEN(SUT);通证代币交易总额为 265,585 个,比前日上升 12.28%。



  以太坊计划在区块 7,280,000 的高度进行已延迟多次的君士坦丁堡升级,升级日期预计在 2 月 25 日到 2 月 28 日之间。以太坊开发者 Hudson Jameson 认为“此次硬分叉将按计划进行。激活升级的区块号码已经设置好了,相关客户端已经对升级进行了硬编码,所以到时候会顺利进行的。”Jameson 说,以太坊从多次失败的升级经验中吸取到的教训是“要更好地与矿工沟通,让他们对升级有更好的了解。”如果升级顺利进行,五项以太坊改进建议(EIP)中有将有四项被激活。希望实时跟进升级情况的用户可以访问 forkmon.ethdevops.io 或 Ethernodes 来见证升级的过程以及升级对挖矿算力和市值的影响。

  Ethereum Prepares for a Redo of the Constantinople Hard Fork

  Ethereum is expected to implement it’s oft-dELAyed Constantinople upgrade at block number 7,280,000 which should take place between February 25th and 28th. Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson said, “I suspect it will go as planned. The block number has been set and [the upgrade] is hardcoded in the clients now so it’s going along fine.” James said the lesson Ethereum learned from the multiple failed upgrade attempts is to “better communicate with miners to let them know about the upgrade.” If all goes well, four of the five Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) will be activated. Users who would like to view the upgrade in real time can visit forkmon.ethdevops.io or Ethernodes to watch the upgrade and view the mining hashrate and market prices as the upgrade occurs. 



  区块链调研公司 Diar 的一项研究发现,比特币的手续费很大程度上与时区相关。该手续费的变化可以根据每天的不同时间进行预测。该手续费在国际时间下午 1 点的时候达到 30,000 聪的峰值,并在当天的不同时间段降低到15,000 聪的水平。此外,在交易高峰时段,mempool 中堵塞的交易高达 200,000 笔,也会导致手续费激增。然而,Diar 还指出,比特币的手续费均值已降至四年以来的最低水平。

  「Unitimes 注:作为记账单位,比特币的最小单位是0.00000001 (一亿分之一)比特币,称为“1聪”。」

  Study Finds Bitcoin Fees Depends On The Time Zone

  According to a study conducted by Blockchain research startup Diar, Bitcoin fees greatly depends on the time zones. Its change has been predictable on different parts of the day. The fee is at its peak of 30,000 satoshis at 1 PM UTC, and halves down to 15,000 Satoshis at different parts of the day. Also, during the peak period, more than 200,000 transactions were stuck in the mempool, which results in a fee surge. However, Diar noted that the average Bitcoin fee has dropped to their lowest level in 4 years. 


  IBM 在澳大利亚推出区块链平台

  IBM 已在其澳大利亚数据中心推出区块链主网。该数据中心位于墨尔本,客户可以直接在该公司的云端上运行他们的区块链应用。IBM 区块链平台部署于超级账本 Hyperledger Fabric 之上,Hyperledger Fabric 是 Linux 基金会主持的一个开源项目。数据中心本身预计将于 2019 年 3 月末推出。IBM 正在大力发展区块链技术,以使其数据中心更受客户欢迎。这些新数据中心将不支持跨境链接,使其成为来源于银行和政府的敏感数据的理想选择。IBM在多个行业(例如航运和物联网IoT)开展自己的区块链项目。

  IBM Launches Its Blockchain Platform In Australia

  IBM has rolled out its blockchain main net in its Australian data centre. Located in Melbourne, cuSTOmers can run their blockchain applications directly on the company's cloud. IBM's blockchain platform was built on Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source project hosted by the Linux Foundation. The data centre itsELF is only expected to launch at the end of March 2019. IBM is making a big push for blockchain technology in order to make its data centres more attractive to customers. These new data centres will not have cross-border connectivity, making it ideal for sensitive data from banks and governments. IBM is also working on its own blockchain projects in multiple industries such as shipping and Internet of Things (IoT). 


  亦来云 ICO 投资者对亦来云和火币提起 2 亿美元诉讼

  纽约县文员提交的一份文件显示,一位名为 Mark Owen 的人对多位被告方提起诉讼,状告他们违反证券法,亦来云(Elastos) 和火币位列被告名单。据该文件指出,根据美国联邦证券法的条文, ELA ICO 和被告在美国市场不断进行的后续销售的证券应为公募证券,应依据 1933 年证券法案的第五条向 SEC 申请注册。”原告要求不低于2亿美元的补偿。

  Elastos ICO Investors FILe $200 Million Lawsuit Against Elastos and Huobi

  A New York County Clerk filing shows that an individual by the name of Mark Owen has filed a lawsuit against several defendants, including the Elastos Foundation and Huobi Global Limited, for breaking securities laws. According to the filing, “the Elastos (ELA) ICO and cONTinuous follow-on sales of securities to the U.S. market conducted by the defendants are public offerings of securities as defined under federal securities law, which requires registration with the SEC pursuant to Section 5 of the 1933 Securities Act.” The plaintiff is seeking no less than $200,000,000 for compensation and damages.



  Eric Conner

  EthHub.io 创始人

  我们不应该称信标链 ETH 为 BETH。

  它只是锁定在浮动汇率债券上的 ETH 而已。它会锁定一段时间,并获得一定的收益。就像债券一样,可以以当前或高于当前 ETH 市值的价格卖出。

  我们以 USD 来为债券定价,而不是 BUSD。

  We should avoid calling Beacon Chain ETH, BETH.

  It's really just ETH locked into a floating rate bond. It's locked for some time, receiving interest. Just like bonds, it can be sold at or above current ETH market value.

  We price bonds in USD, not BUSD.


  Philippe Castonguay

  HorizonGames 区块链研发专员


  ETH 2.0 要花至少 5 年的时间才能使其安全性以及用户体验/开发体验达到能与 ETH 1.0 相媲美的水平。


  ETH 1.0 的扩展将超出任何预期,以致于我们会对花在分片(sharding)研发上的时间产生质疑。

  我做出上述悲观预测的原因是,分片仍存在着许多我们还没想到的部分(交叉分片的无缝异步通信)。我目前的认知使得我对 Casper 的权益证明(PoS)机制持无比支持的态度,但我对分片仍保持怀疑态度。

  我做出上述乐观预测主要是因为,会出现很多以太坊改进提案(EIP)使得L2网络的搭建更轻松,使得 ETH 1.0 的可扩展性越来越高。尤其是 SNARG 系统,可以通过各种 EIP 来大大降低其成本。

  综上,我的观点是,如果以太坊 2.0 的研发时间比预期的要长,这并不代表要坏事了,因为我们仍旧可以在 ETH1.0 上走得更长更远。

  但这并不是说我们为 ETH1.0 所作的努力全部适用于 ETH 2.0。

  Pessimistic prediction: 

  ETH 2.0 will take at least 5 years before offering a comparable security and user/dev experience as ETH 1.0

  Optimistic prediction: 

  ETH 1.0 will scale a lot more than most anticipate, to a point where we will question the time spent on sharding R&D.

  My pessimistic prediction is mainly because of sharding, which still has a lot of pieces we haVEN't figured out (seemless asynchronous cross-shard communication). With my current knowledge, I'm a strong proponent of PoS with Casper, but I'm skeptical of sharding.

  My optimistic prediction is mainly driven by the the fact that there will be many EIPs that will make it easier to build L2 networks, making ETH1 increasingly scalable. This is especially TRUE with SNARGs, via the possibility of significantly reducing their cost via various EIPs.

  Overall, my stance is that It's not a catastrophe if Ethereum 2.0 takes longer than expected, because we can go much, much further with Ethereum 1.0 still. 

  Not to say that most of the work we do for ETH1 will be applicable for ETH2.


  Ryan Sean ADAms

  Mythos Capital 创始人



  Crypto is like watching a bunch of brilliant technologists cramming for final exam on economics, governance, finance, philosophy, & game theory.

  It's fascinating to watch them learn.


  Péter SZILágyi


  以太坊社区成员,Geth 团队需要您的帮助!我们在为我们的以太坊 2.0/ Serenity 作品(在合并到上游之前)征集一个炫/酷代号。多多将你们的奇思妙想砸向我们吧。(只恨 Serenity McSerenityface 这个名字太长了 ;P)

  #Ethereum community, the Geth team needs you! We're looking for a good/cool codename for our Ethereum 2.0 / Serenity work (until it gets merged upstream). Shoot us your best ideas! (Serenity McSerenityface is unfortunately too long ;P)


  Joseph Young


  「Morgan Creek Digital 宣布获得一笔由两家公共养老金机构提供的 4000 万美元的加密风险投资」



  「 Morgan Creek Digital announced a new $40 million crypto venture fund anchored by two public pensions.」

  It's not the amount, the $40 million figure isn't really important. It's the fact that public pensions invested in a crypto fund that is impressive.

  It means institutional investors see a good enough infrastructure in crypto and they feel comfortable with the asset class.


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